Kris-AIE International Inc.: We Deliver Quality People
Kris-AIE International Inc.: We deliver quality people


Kris-AIE International, Inc. is a Filipino owned recruitment corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and licensed and regulated by the Philippine Overseas and Employment Administration (POEA). We provide professional recruitment services to clients in America, Asia, and Europe.

Kris-AIE was founded in 1999 by a couple who were formerly Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Japan. They provided manpower to a great majority of entertainment establishments in that part of Asia. In 2010, they decided to go into a partnership with a group of retired bankers, lawyer, former military medical administrator, and a former Director of Nurses in the United States. Kris-AIE then opened its door to other clients in the Unites States and Europe.

The Company moved to its present location at Unit 201 Erisha Condominium at the corner of Pablo Ocampo and Dian Street in March 2010 to be more accessible to applicants of different abilities and skills. We have created a pool of workers in the medical field, construction industry, hotel and restaurant management, office and clerical jobs. We are ready to provide a pool of skilled and unskilled workers from various resources. Our corporate staff has combined experiences for over ten years and and are well trained in international recruitment and staffing affairs..

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Our Vision

Kris-AIE International is the agency of choice for the recruitment of the most qualified and highly motivated individuals to fill the manpower requirements of companies around the world.

Our Mission

To assist our recruitment partners and clients in their staffing needs through cost-efficient recruitment, selection, and orientation of the most qualified and highly motivated individuals.

To provide our employees with a work environment conducive to the achievement of their career goals and that is safe, wholesome, motivating and full of opportunites that will bring out only the best in them.

To enhance our shareholders' equity through an efficient and profitable operation and expanded partnership with others who share the same vision.

Kris-AIE International Inc.: We deliver quality people

Message from the Chairman

Kris-AIE International Inc.: We deliver quality people
Kris-AIE International Inc.: We deliver quality people