Kris-AIE International Inc.: We Deliver Quality People
Kris-AIE International Inc.: We deliver quality people
Jorge L. Ramos
  • Victoria Wave Ltd. Inc., 1993-2003

    • Executive Assistant to the President
    • Head, Woodworking Section
    • Head, Drying Facilties Kiln
  • Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Medical Center, 1968-1993

    • Camp Commander
    • Commanding Officer (CO), Headquarters and Headquarters Group
    • Head, Inspector General Office
    • CO, Supply and Service Unit
    • CO, Prosthetic and Brace Shop
    • CO, Food Service Division
    • CO, Medical Equipment Maintenance Unit
    • CO, Registrar Division
    • CO, Motor Pool
    • Logistics Officer, Office of the Surgeon General, General Headquarters, 1980-1983 concurrently assigned at AFP Medical Center
  • National Orthopedic Hospital, 1958-1968
    Prosthetic and Surgical Appliance Center

    • Senior Prosthetist and and Orthotist
    • Shop Supervisor
    • Head, Maintenance
    • Head, Production of parts for Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • Local Schooling

    • Command and General Staff College
    • Eight (8) other local military schoolings
    • BS Mechanical Engineering, Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila
    • Machine Shop Technology (2 years)
  • Foreign Schooling (Australia)

    • Prosthetics and Orthotics making
    • Prosthetics and Orthotic management, maintenance and production of prosthetic and orthotic parts
Kris-AIE International Inc.: We deliver quality people

Kris-AIE International Inc.: We deliver quality people